Power-Gen Batteries Pte Ltd (Power-Gen) is a leading portable battery company with core competencies in battery technologies. Power-Gen batteries are premium quality battery products manufactured by world class battery manufacturers with leading technologies and factories are ISO certified to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards.

To be a dynamic and progressive company as a battery specialist providing the best battery power solution.

Delighting our customers with the best battery power solution resulting in cost benefits and satisfied outcomes.

Power-Gen in Singapore is the headquarter for Power-Gen enterprise and staffed with a team of professionals in Management, Product Development, Operation and Sales & Marketing. Our office in Thailand is our R & D and technical center for the development of Power-Gen products. Power-Gen batteries are also distributed through a network of distributors in Singapore and seeking to expand into ASEAN countries and the global market.



Power-Gen batteries are manufactured using quality materials that will result in products of highest quality and performance. We are committed to develop the widest range of battery products that will satisfy customers’ needs and giving true value for money products.

The full range of Power-Gen batteries includes the following:-

1. Full Range of Premium Alkaline Batteries
2. Full Range of Zinc Carbon (Super Heavy Duty) Batteries
3. Full Range of Nicad and NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
4. Battery Chargers and Accessories


5. Customized Battery Packs
6. Alkaline Button Cells
7. Lithium Coin Batteries
8. Lithium Ion Batteries